I MADE THEM RUN AWAY at IIC Toronto x CONTACT Photography Festival
Curated by Ask Again

After Reminiscence group show curated by Federico Montagna opens at Cassina Projects (Milan) on January 25th 2024, featuring a series of artworks from Please, Don’t Ever Come Down

I Made Them Run Away has been included in Slanted Magazine 42 – Books.
This edition showcases books that venture off the beaten path, departing from traditional conventions, and advocates for timeless book designs where the content shapes the form.

Una riflessione coraggiosa sull’aggressività, article following the interview with Laura Leonelli on Il Sole 24 Ore, that speaks about. my recent installation piece Dear F, winner of the Terna Prize (Young)

Nel mio padre-falco l’ambivalenza affettiva, article following the interview with Beba Marsano on Il Corriere della Sera, that deepens my recent installation piece Dear F, winner of the Terna Prize (Young)

Martina Zanin is the winner of Premio Terna 2023 (Giovane) with her installation «Dear F»

Il Premio Giovane a Martina Zanin ‘per aver portato su più livelli la riflessione del Premio grazie alla soluzione installativa e alla scelta di affidarsi all’ibridazione di codici e linguaggi. Un’opera che indaga la relazione tra le due opposte polarità dell’istinto animale e della ragione umana, e il modo in cui si ritrovano sul terreno delle relazioni affettive e interpersonali’.


Grande successo per la seconda edizione del concorso che ha visto confermata la Medaglia del Presidente della Repubblica; a Dione Roach il Premio Senior, a Martina Zanin il Premio Giovane, a Beatrice Aiello la Menzione Accademia, ad Antonio Vacirca il Premio Amatori, di Lorenzo Pipi l’Opera più votata da Terna; fino al 15 ottobre le opere vincitrici e quelle finaliste saranno in mostra presso Palazzo Esposizioni Roma e visitabili gratuitamente.

NEW OPENING: Martina Zanin presents «Dear F», her new installation piece, within the group show of Premio Terna 2023 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni (26.09 –– 15.10.2023)

NEW OPENING: the audiovisual installation «The Hunt» on show at Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in the framework of the Charta Festival in Rome (16—24.09.2023)

Charta is a festival of contemporary photography, dedicated to photographic books and independent publishing. The theme of this edition: Human x Nature, will be a reflection on the complex relationship that has always existed between us and nature.

Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere‘s catalog is out. Published by Silvana Editoriale, curated by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea / Ministry of Culture

Martina Zanin is among the 15 finalists of the Deloitte Photo Grant

Please, Don’t Ever Come Down on show at Foto Forum until 30.09.2023
The exhibition is accompanied by an essay written by Emanuele Coccia and an audio installation created by the artist in collaboration with the producer Martina Nasuti.

© Martina Zanin

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Die Vater-Tochter-Wunde ist tief by Margit Oberhammer on Dolomiten

NEW OPENING: Martina Zanin presents her solo show «Please, Don’t Ever Come Down» at Foto Forum, Bozen

There are human beings, such as my father, who are as untamable as hawks. And, just as hawks, see the others as prey to attack, without being able to form relationships. Loners. Individuals who hurt other people who are more like rabbits or hares.

© Martina Zanin

«Older Than Love» on L’Essenziale Studio Vol.05

«[…] However, hate is an important feeling for growth as it establishes the limits of the self and affirms identity. As Angel writes, “Coming to terms with one’s aggressiveness and hostility—pursuing a ruthless relationship—as opposed to our origins is a necessary aspect of sanity. Anxiety towards the subject, condescension, are not symptoms of love”.5 Anger hides a potential energy that can free the spirit, but it is necessary to be in contact with one’s own anger, without fearing it, accepting and transforming it to redeem the wound of the father–daughter relationship and to break that chain of endless repetitions.»

Text by Gaia Amorello


Cover by Martina Zanin

VICINO – Nelle relazioni d’amore e di affetto la verità è nei dettagli. Perché i sentimenti sono fatti di tanti pezzi, vivi e in movimento.

Portfolio on Marie Claire Italia (march 2023)

«Oggetti, gesti, animali, parti di corpi, momenti brevissimi e visioni idilliache, sono tutti diversi e tutti così prossimi, bolle che vengono a galla da un luogo interiore.»

Text by Emanuela Mirabelli


Families are among the most mysterious, contradictory, and powerful institutions that society has created. The entities with which most psychoanalysis begins and often never ends. Inevitably families are likely to provoke one’s first encounter with the photographic medium. Through the conceptual and ironic work of Sara Perovic and Martina Zanin, we will dissect the subtle dynamics between the family, the image, and the mind.

I Made Them Run Away reviewed by Ilaria Sponda on C4 Journal

excerpt from the review:

«Ripped photos linger between the present and past, yet become present through the act of juxtaposition and resignification of different kinds of images. Contemporary photography still aims to search for traces of what is invisible, and it does so here through the most nostalgic of practices: the recontextualization of the family album.»

I Made Them Run Away reviewed by Matteo Cremonesi on PHROOM Platform

excerpt from the review:

«The «man», an inconstant figure throughout the narrative, is represented as an absent presence. An empty space, or rather a scarce presence, which reinforces the impression that this project concretizes the author’s need for a confrontation and dialogue with the figure of the mother, as well as an attempt to understand, elaborate a narrative and perhaps a catharsis with respect to the complex relationship elaborated towards the male figure, whose absence is strongly present throughout the narrative, like an element around which the human landscape revolves.»

SPRING / SUMMER 2022 I Made Them Run Away Book Presentations

I Made Them Run Away reviewed by Odette England on photo-eye

excerpt from the review:

«Did you read her book?
Yes, I read it.

It’s common in language, a word spelled the same that differs in pronunciation. With a word like ‘read’, it also refers to different tenses. They’re called heteronyms, words that change their meaning depending on where the stress is placed. It’s this thought I have upon reading Martina Zanin’s photobook I Made Them Run Away. At first, because the folded softcover features a long tear. Tear as in air, not tear as in fear. Which takes me on a tangent to the Australian rock band INXS’ hits Never Tear Us Apart (1987) and Bitter Tears (1990). Context tells us which tear is the right one.

Zanin’s book presents a bizarre love triangle. There are photographs made by Zanin mixed with family snapshots. Stitched into the book are smaller slips of peach-colored paper, the same color as the cover. Each features text in typewriter font, authored by Zanin’s mother and taken from her diary called Letters to a Man I Have Never Had. The third arm of the triangle — “the man” — is mostly invisible. (Come to think of it, ‘Bermuda Love Triangle’ may be more accurate. After all, all stories contain myth. If they’re good stories — like Zanin’s — they keep us in suspense with complex supporting characters, subplots, and implications).»

Q&A on Vogue Italia – Chiara Bardelli-Nonino with Martina Zanin on her artistic process, the genesis of I Made Them Run Away, and the dark side of affective relationships.

By interweaving her work with her mother’s writing (from a diary called ‘Letters to a man I have never had’) and ripped archival images, Martina Zanin, a visual artist born in San Daniele del Friuli, manages to tell a very personal, intimate story that can resonate universally. In her photobook “I Made Them Run Away” she  talks about love, loss, anger and absences, while tracing an unflinching portrait of different relationships and their darkest sides. The artist is presenting her book, published by Skinnerboox, at Micamera on Tuesday, December 14 from 6.30pm. and this is our Q&A.

I MADE THEM RUN AWAY among the BEST PHOTOBOOKS OF 2021 for Internazionale selected by Giovanna D’Ascenzi

I made them run away
Martina Zanin, Skinnerboox
Un libro in prima persona, che usa testi e fotografia per rielaborare e superare ricordi pieni di rabbia e dolore. Zanin, friulana nata nel 1994, ricerca una catarsi attraverso la fotografia accostando l’album di famiglia e lettere della madre a scatti più recenti in cui procede per associazioni mentali e visive. (Giovanna D’Ascenzi)

I MADE THEM RUN AWAY among the BEST PHOTOBOOKS OF 2021 for PhMuseum selected by Lucia De Stefani

Book Review written by Lucia De Stefani – a writer and editor focusing on photography, illustration, and everything teens. She lives in New York. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

The cover of Martina Zanin’s book, «I made them run away,» shows a slash, the same that we find in other photos inside – signifying a person been ripped away from the frame, a «missing part,» a man, absent, distant, vanished. All of Zanin’s photographs encompass these current, universal themes: the heft of a relationship, deafening absence, the need of someone, the fear of not being enough, and also unmet expectations, codependency, individualism. Zanin talks about all these «slashes» that occurred throughout the years, and of the only relationship that, despite its limitations, remains whole – the relationship with her mother. A presence that wasn’t enough to make the men stay. Zanin speaks about absence through images full of presence. Arms and hands that touch, with bitterness or affection. A little girl’s finger reaches out to touch a man’s Adam’s apple, exploring the new and the other with a potent gesture of connection. Zanin incorporates archival photos and diary excerpts. The juxtaposition between the old and the new creates «parallel worlds,» as Zanin said, that are interwoven. Clasping arms grasp and surrender, defining both strength and softness. Hands hide faces to erase presence with presence, a substitution that doesn’t always reassure. Inquisitive eyes look back at us, and landscapes remind us of the concreteness but also impermanence of things; and that person whose presence we can lean on, is the person within, nobody other than us.

I Made Them Run Away on Internazionale

Ricordi che non scappano via written by Giovanna D’ascenzi

Older Than Love, self-published 100 numbered copies
Designed by Melissa Pallini
Texts by Daniele De Luigi, Hind Mezaina and Martina Zanin

Older Than Love opening at Fann À Porter, Dubai in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute Abu Dhabi

The exhibition will be open from 16 November to 5 December 2021 in Fann Á Porter, gallery space at The Workshop Dubai, located at Villa 45 – St. 23b – Al Wasl Rd opposite Box Park – Jumeirah 2, Dubai, U.A.E.

Older Than Love is a thought-provoking multimedia art installation that invites visitors to a cultural discourse between Italy and the UAE. The work is based on memory, emotions, and artist Martina Zanin’s personal archives that provide metaphorical and poetic expressions when comparing man and falcon.

Older Than Love by Martina Zanin is among the 45 selected projects by Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere, an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) – General Directorate for the Promotion of the Country System and by the Ministry of Culture (MiC) – General Directorate for Contemporary Creativities, to promote Italian contemporary art around the world. The work is on loan from the permanent collection of the Fondazione Modena Arti Visive in Modena, Italy.

BOOK SIGNING at Polycopies, Paris
Saturday 13th of November, 6 pm at the SKINNERBOOX booth: you can have your copy signed or your cover ripped live by the artist!

I Made Them Run Away solo show opening at Spazio Labo’ on Friday October 29 at 7 pm
Guided tour with the artist from 6pm
On view until January 14, 2022

Live-streaming book presentation on the 10×10’s #INSTAsalons.
Thursday, 28 October, 1pm EDT/7pm CEST
Martina Zanin, visual artist, live from Rome with Daria Tuminas, curator and writer, live from Rotterdam, discussing I Made Them Run Away (Skinnerboox, 2021)

Published by SKINNERBOOX
Designed by Martina Zanin and Melissa Pallini
Texts by Giulia Maria Giardini (artist’s mother)

Martina Zanin is among the artist of the Metafotografia (3) curated by Mauro Zanchi and Sara Benaglia. The exhibition will take place from September 25th to October 24th, 2021 at BACO – Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna in Bergamo. The catalogue is published by SKINNERBOOX designed by CHROMO with texts by Mauro Zanchi, Sara Benaglia, and Francesca Lazzarini.

Older Than Love on show for the first time at FMAV – Fondazione Modena Arti Visive – Palazzo Santa Margherita, from September 10th to October 24th, 2021. The multimedia installation is winner of Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere supported by MAECI and MiC.

(detail of the installation)

I Made Them Run Away solo show in the framework of Festival Photo Open Up 2021 (opening 18/09).
The exhibition is in collaboration with Palazzo Rasponi II, Municipality of Ravenna and Camera Work curated by Silvia Camporesi.

The book of I Made Them Run Away is now ready for pre-order!
September 2021
Published by Skinnerboox
Designed by Melissa Pallini & Martina Zanin

I Made Them Run Away goes to South Korea! The project is part of the new issue (vol.28) of Vostok Magazine around the theme of «Memory».

Martina Zanin is among the shortlisted authors of the LUMA RENCONTRES DUMMY BOOK AWARD ARLES 2021 with her work I Made Them Run Away

I Made Them Run Away selected for Images Gibellina 2021 Call for Projects. Opening days from July 30th to August 1st in Gibellina, Sicily, IT.

Martina Zanin with Rinnegato is part of CORPOREA at Studio Faganel, a group exhibition focused on the body both in its physicality and aesthetics, and as a means of expression, and symbol of interiority. Open from May 21st until June 12th.

I Made Them Run Away will be on show as part of the group exhibition of Giovane Fotografia Italiana #8 within Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, IT. Open from May 21st to July 4th.

I Made Them Run Away solo show at Palazzo Rasponi 2, in Ravenna, Italy, as part of Camera Work 2021.

I Made Them Run Away solo exhibition at studiofaganel gallery, in Gorizia, Italy. Opening 1st February at 4pm.

Martina Zanin winner of the First Prize for Camera Work 2021 with I Made Them Run Away. The project will be exhibited at Palazzo Rasponi 2, Ravenna, Italy, during the second half of the year.

Martina Zanin among the finalists of Prix Virginia 2020 with her project I Made Them Run Away.

Martina Zanin among the selected artists for the call Cantica21 promoted by MAECI, MIBACT and Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea with her multimedia artwork Older Than Love.

Martina Zanin interviewed by Mauro Zanchi e Sara Benaglia for New Photography on ATPDiary.

Martina Zanin is among the finalists of Premio Francesco Fabbri 2020 in the category Contemporary Photography. Her artwork Box 4 (from I Made Them Run Away) will be exhibited within the group show at Villa Brandolini curated by Carlo Sala.

Martina Zanin is among the finalists of the 16th Forum Fotografic Can Baste with her new work May My Two Again Become One. She will present the project and the exhibition proposal during a public speaking in front of the Jury composed by Myriam Meloni, Irene De Mendoza, and Lourdes Delgado.

Martina Zanin is among the participants of
Panoràmic Festival 2020 in Barcelona, with her work
I Made Them Run Away.

SHIFT – The group show of the 12 photographers represented by studiofaganel.
From 20th July 2020

Research, Faith, and Identity of Two Astrological Twins: Martina Zanin interviewed by Giuseppe Oliverio about the ongoing project May My Two Again Become One

Martina Zanin with the series Take Care among the artists of the open-air exhibition Spazio Libero – Immagini per riabitare la città in Reggio Emilia’s public spaces curated by Daniele De Luigi and Ilaria Campioli

New section of Limited Edition Prints by Fonderia 20.9

Martina Zanin among the shortlisted artists of ArtPhilein Photobook Project Contest.

Martina Zanin among the shortlisted artists of Giovane Fotografia Italiana. I Made Them Run Away will be on show during Fotografia Europea 2020 – Reggio Emilia, IT.

I Made Them Run Away on Unseen Magazine Issue 7

Martina Zanin selected for the SÅM Residency Program

I Made Them Run Away on YET magazine