Rinnegato, 2016
Photography (inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl paper)

to deny
1. Claim to have never known anyone, rejecting the relationship of devotion or affection that binds us to him, disown.

Rinnegato is an autobiographical project that talks about the problems of self-esteem and the feelings of guilt the artist experienced, derived quite surely from the complicated relationship she had with her father.
The objects used within the series are linked to childhood memories and placed next to part of a female body, creating metaphorical images aimed at expressing her feelings and evoking the traces of the past of this relationship, still present in her memory.

Attachment to the mother, 2016

Childhood illusion, 2016

Soaked in pain, 2016

Semen, 2016

Cut-off, 2016

Even the most resistant, passes, 2016

Perfection, 2016

The road to me, 2016

Can’t hear more, 2016