Dear F

Dear F, 2023
Installation (photography, archive material, text)
Winner of Premio Terna 2023 – Giovane

Installation View at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 2023

Dear F intertwines photography with family archive images and text, creating a dialogue and balance among the three media. The installation explores the tension between human and animal, personal and universal, and the relationship between image and text. The artist communicates with the absent father by transferring his figure into the animal world, in the form of a falcon. She discovers in the family photo albums shots where the father poses as if taking flight, she extracts and recontextualizes a detail, relating it to a photograph where man and animal merge, almost in an act of metamorphosis. Extracted from the artist’s sightings journal, the texts addressed to the Father/Falcon bring the work back to the intimate, autobiographical sphere.