You look at me in fear and talk to me in anger

You look at me in fear and talk to me in anger, 2022
Installation (inkjet print, nails, wooden panel)
Special mention Premio Francesco Fabbri 2023

You look at me in fear, and talk to me in anger is a unique piece that combines photography, performance, and sculpture. In this cathartic act, the artist nails the silhouette of her father, creating a sort of liberating act through which she confers visual and physical tangibility to anger. By crafting a steel silhouette, Zanin transforms the paternal figure into an evocative object: on one side, it presents a robust armor, symbolizing defense and protection; on the other, it reveals a sharp and penetrating surface, exposing a certain degree of vulnerability. This work aligns with the artist’s ongoing exploration on aggression and power dynamics within the family sphere, introducing a new perspective.