Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight, 2019 (developed during the artist residency SAM Residency Program)
Installation (photography, archive material)

Installation view (Fonderia 20.9, Verona, Italy)

If one sense is more necessary than another, the body drives accordingly. This phenomenon led Zanin to think about the moments of transition and passage. During the transition, everything is more confused, such as the time between the entrance and the exit from a cave (a common feature of the karstic territory of Lessinia) where the use of the senses, such as the places where you are, is opposite. It takes a few seconds to regain your sight as you switch between dark and light. 

Taking this passage as a starting point, this moment of ambiguity between what you cannot see, what you perceive, and reality, she developed Hidden in Plain Sight. Playing with visual associations, perspectives, and installation, Zanin explored and re-enacted the perceptive experience of entering and leaving a cave, and the few passing seconds in which the senses act in the opposite way.

The spider, an element that accompanied her throughout the residency, remained present in conceptual form within the exhibition design, through the use of corners – the favorite place of spiders for cobwebs. In addition to this, the installation was created in order to highlight even more the opposites, the negative and positive of the corners of the wall, and the use of antithetical heights that are associated with the karstic territory of the Lessinia passable above and below its soil.