May My Two Again Become One

May My Two Again Become One, 2019 – 2020
Photography, text, illustration

24th May 

Black sky – black screen 
A virtual encounter
A written destiny?
How many probabilities could have been 
to meet a stranger who is me? 
The sky, it says, is the only equal thing we share 
Though it is not the truth, as the sky always moves
Two different places on earth 
does not have the same influences 
but we got. 
We got caught in mystery
that 24th May 2017. 

May My Two Again Become One explores the search for oneself reflected on “the other”, based on a particular virtual encounter lived in the first person by the artist. Through a dating app, she met Ana and found out being her Astrological Twin – in astrology, it is an unrelated person born on the same day, hour, and place with an identical astrological chart. As such, they should have identical personality traits and life courses. Zanin’s evocative photographs are an inner exploration of this coincidence, of mystery and the double. Ana and she are not the same persons, nor absolutely different. They are the face of the same coin and complement each other. Mirrors, transparent surfaces, spheres, and shadows reflect and distort referring to an inverted self, an opposite, or a mirror copy – a hidden, potential part of oneself seen overturned in front of the mirror.